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Customer Feedback

Susan Schmidt

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Launa Branch

The last time I did business with you was in 1981. I had liquidated our construction company, William Branch & Company, in Denver, CO, and had moved to Tacoma, Washington. We were builders of large, custom homes in Denver, and your company always gave us great product and good value. My son, Mike Branch, who has a finish carpentry company named Trimmed Right, came from Denver to my home in Pennsylvania to redo my kitchen for me. Over the years, I had forgotten your name, but when he said he would like to order the doors from Hutchinson Products in Oklahoma City, I immediately remembered your company and was delighted.

The last house William Branch & Company built, a private inspector was hired by the buyer. In a letter to the buyer and loan company, he stated, "the finish work is next to artistry" and believe me, your doors in the living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen were a major part of that finish work. I thought after all these years, you should know about that letter.

Thank you so much,
Launa Branch